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We use the Dustless Sanding System from Bona




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Hardwood refinishing at Christoff & Sons

Hardwood refinishing comes in three different levels of resurfacing depending upon the severity of the wear and the depth of the scratches. Our expertise will help determine the best course of action to returning your floors to their original beauty.

Scrub and recoat:
This is for floors that have minor surface scratches that have dulled the finish. You can give the floor new life with this quick and inexpensive application

We start by using professional cleaning agents from Bona to prepare the surface for the new finish. Then follow up by Applying 1 – 2 coats of Bona Traffic -water base urethane finish. Can have traffic in as little as 4-6 hours.

Screen and recoat:
This is for floors that have heavy scratches, but have not penetrated through the finish. We use a screen type paper and rough the entire surface to prepare it for the new finish. Our machine is connected to our Bona vacuum system that eliminates the dust from getting into the air while screening

Then follow up with 2-4 coats of Bona traffic water base urethane finish
Let dry over night before you allow any traffic.

Sand and Finish:
This for the old and abused floor or if you want to change the color of any wood floor. Some woods may not be able to be sanded due to the thickness. We use our profession hardwood floor sanders connected to our Bona vacuum system to eliminate 98% of all dust.
Sanding usually take most of the day, followed by stain and then sealer. Allow that to dry over night.

Day two consists of applying 2 coats of thin bona traffic water based urethane allow each coat to completely dry prior to application of the next coat. Day three is the final top coat, allow to dry over night and then being cautious for the next week to avoid damaging new surface before it has fully cured.


Our dustless sand system from Bona gives you a five star advantage for your floors


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