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If you’re not ready for solid hardwood, try laminate

Laminate has always been an excellent alternative for solid hardwood flooring. It’s a great material to lean on if you’re not quite sure wood flooring is for you, or if you’re not ready to commit to the budget or life span that solid wood brings with it. The realistic look means that your guests will probably not be able to tell it’s not the real thing. From species style to stain color and finish type, it is incredibly accurate in mimicking the real thing. What’s more, you can change it more often, to keep up with changing trends or your own preferences for flooring.

Christoff and Sons Floor Covering has a wide array of flooring materials and services to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for in a floor covering. Serving the areas of Jackson, Chelsea, Albion, Adrian, and Hillsdale since 1979, we invite you to visit, so we can serve your needs as well. Our showroom is located in Jackson, MI, and we will make sure you find your dream flooring and everything you need to make those dreams a reality.

Laminate goes the distance

In addition to its many benefits, laminate has a great lifespan that should serve your needs well. With warranties averaging the 25-year time frame, you’ll find it helps to create a peace of mind, while leaving a window of opportunity to change things up from time to time as well. Using area rugs strategically, as well as cleaning these floors on a regular basis, helps to meet the longest possible lifespan with ease.

Durability is a standard feature of laminate flooring, something you’ll find soon after having it installed. It stands up well under repeated daily use and resists scratches, scuffing, staining, and fading in direct sunlight. What’s more, if you choose the water resistant option, it can be used with great peace of mind in kitchens, foyers, and more. While it cannot be refinished the same way hardwood flooring can, the durability should keep these floors looking great for the greatest portion of their lifespan.

Installation is a quick and simple procedure for professional installers, who can usually get the job done quicker than you may think. With a click and lock installation system, you won’t even need a great deal of subfloor preparation before installation begins. In some cases, it can even create a smoother look for flooring that may have been uneven before the install.

Innovative laminate flooring

Whether you have an active family or are trying to find flooring that it easy to maintain, laminate flooring can fit many floorings needs. A laminate floor is a combination of special resins, paper layers, fiber core and a print film that are all fused together into a solid mass. Do to the structural make up, laminate flooring will not stain, fade from sunlight and is extremely impact resistant. Additionally, it offers a glueless locking system for a no mess installation, and a wide assortment of colors and patterns.

Christoff and Sons Floor Covering carries the finest in laminate options, which can be floated over virtually ANY surface other than carpet. Laminate can be placed over existing ceramic tile, existing VAT (Vinyl Asbestos Tile), or anything you might have down that you aren’t currently satisfied with. Whether you prefer the rich looking ceramic tile appearance or the beauty of hardwood, Christoff and Sons Floor Covering has the laminate that is right for you!

Laminate styles

Traditional wood
The warmth and beauty of hardwood is created through realistic graining, knotting, coloring and texture. Oak, Maple, Pine and Bamboo are among the traditional hardwood looks available.
Excotic wood
Among the latest design options are exotic woods such as walnut, cherry, mahogony and eucalyptus. There is a hardwood pattern and a rich selection of color options to enhance every décor and lifestyle.
Restoration & rustic wood
The character of hand-hewn floors is achieved through planks that are carefully hand-sculpted and glazed with the addition of worm holes, saw marks and deep surface variations. Time worn styling finished off with modern technology for durability.
Stone & tile
The timeless look of stone and the popularity of ceramic tile have also been captured in laminate styling. Grout lines, rich color variation and gentle surface textures create an ultra-authentic look of stone and tile without the worries.

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