Great New Product for the Bathroom

Great new product for the bathroom floor. We just got back from a show in Chicago and #Mohawk showed us some new products.  One product stood out was #RevWoodPlus. It is changing the game of what laminate has always been. When you think laminate most people think of the old school, high shine, not water friendly floor. Laminate is one of the most durable products on the market. #Mohawk has taken it to the next level. How has Mohawk done this? They made it 100% waterproof!! That brings laminate back into the conversation when people what a durable, waterproof floor. This is truly Revolutionary!

How can a laminate be waterproof?

It combines the power of three advanced technologies to create a superb waterproof system

  • Hydroseal coats the perimeter; this coating repeals water and keeps the planks from swelling from moisture. No need to worry about spills or water fights in the tub! Your floor is protected.
  • Uniclic locking system maintains constant tension between planks
    keeping water trapped on the surface instead of penetrating the joints. When water
    gets between joints of other laminate it would cause the floor to peak at the edge of the boards. This will no longer happen with #RevWoodPlus

  • GenuEdge allows for bevels around the plank’s edge enhancing the realism while protecting moisture from getting into the core. 
This is wonderful! No need to worry about it putting it in your bathroom. When your little ones start splish splash while taking a bath no need to worry about the water ruining your floor! Let them have fun and live it up, we have you covered. With it being so waterproof you may think you need a nice wood floor look to your swimming pool, but sadly this is not the product for that!

With the tough wear layer on #RevWoodPlus it is made for active family life. This is important with the fast pace lifestyle we have become use to. Kids dropping or racing toys, dogs running after kids this floor has your back. Let the kids be kids and take the worry out of what might happen. With lots of colors and styles to fit any home decor. #RevwoodPlus also carries a great #AllPetPlus protection and warranty making it the only wood flooring that covers all pets, all accident, all the time!

If you are looking for a product with stunning visuals, extremely durable, waterproof, kid and pet friendly, don’t leave #RevWoodPlus out of the conversation. #RevWoodPlus will allow for more time to spend doing things you enjoy with the people you love and less time worrying about your floors.

Stop in to Christoff and Son’s today and see for yourself!