Three trendy carpet textures

Three trendy carpet textures

The carpet pile is made up of loops of fiber attached to a backing, and sometimes, these loops are cut at the tips to create additional styles.

Several factors related to the pile determine the look and feel or texture, including the length and density of fibers. Christoff and Sons Floorcovering in Jackson, MI, offers a wide variety of loop pile and cut pile styles.


Berber carpet, one of the popular styles you can find in our showroom, is chosen by many homeowners because it works well in high-traffic areas of the home.

The short loops of yarn are so tightly packed that spills tend to stay on the surface where they are easy to remove. Traditional Berber soft surface features a light background and flecks of gray and brown.


Saxony is a cut pile style that features medium-length carpet fibers that stand up straight and, thus, create an even surface.

This type of carpeting is often made of nylon, a fiber known for its resilience or ability to bounce back after footsteps have flattened it. A high-quality Saxony-style nylon carpeting with a formal, 'well-kept' look is ideal for a family room.


Frieze carpeting has a more casual appearance because fibers are so tightly twisted that they scatter in all directions, which creates a 'shaggy' appearance.

This cut pile carpeting tends to have long, multi-colored fibers, but various other styles are available, too. Frieze-style carpet is dense and durable, and it works well in bedrooms as well as busier areas of the home.

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