Three tips for selecting the perfect laminate flooring

Three tips for selecting the perfect laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, which mimics hardwood, stone, and ceramic tile, elevates any decorating style and is pretty functional, too. This low-maintenance floor covering is stain and scratch resistant and easy to clean, so it's ideal for busy households that include children and pets.

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  1. Be sure the look matches the visual effect you want to create

The light in the room, the size, and the decorating theme are just a few aspects to consider when shopping for laminate flooring.

So, while the look of white-washed planks might be desirable, the style can create a too-bright ambiance in a large, sunny room. Our flooring specialists can help you find the perfect laminate for your home space.?

  1. Check the AC Rating that is listed on every laminate product

You don't have to guess about durability when you shop for laminate flooring since each plank and tile is given an Abrasion Coefficient Rating.

Tests replicating real-life scenarios are performed to determine this rating that tells you what level of wear and tear a floor can endure. AC3 flooring, appropriate for heavy residential use, works well in all areas of the home.

  1. Read the manufacturer?s specifications to determine water resistance

Standard and waterproof laminate flooring is available, and most often, waterproof plank and tile styles are guaranteed to repel water for about one day. After that time, damage may occur if water or a liquid spill is not cleaned up.

The general rule is that liquid should be removed immediately from standard brands and as quickly as possible from waterproof brands.

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