Some facts about hardwood flooring and moisture

Some facts about hardwood flooring and moisture

Solid hardwood planks can become damaged if exposed to moisture, but engineered wood planks are designed to resist it. Manufactured hardwood flooring in a moisture-prone space is the most durable choice for installing wood floors.

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Engineered wood is moisture-resistant because of its composition

Engineered wood floors look the same as solid wood floors because planks have a hardwood layer on the surface. Beneath this top layer is a base that includes shredded wood fibers, sawdust, and plywood layers situated in different directions.

In short, a range of derivative wood products is combined to create strong and moisture-resistant flooring.

Underlayment is placed beneath engineered wood

Underlayment, or padding, is laid on the subfloor before planks are installed, or sometimes, it's pre-attached to the hardwood flooring planks. Underlayment removes minor imperfections in the subfloor and provides underfoot cushioning and thermal and sound insulation.

In addition, the underlayment that includes a moisture barrier is used when engineered wood is placed in a moisture-prone space.

Engineered hardwood floors are not waterproof

While moisture will not cause manufactured planks to buckle, warp, or peel, it's essential to remember that the flooring is not waterproof.

Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors cannot tolerate standing water, so immediate cleanup is necessary if snow is tracked into the home or if a liquid is spilled. However, with proper care, manufactured wood will serve you well.

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