Prevent hardwood flooring from buckling with humidity prevention

Prevent hardwood flooring from buckling with humidity prevention

Hardwood flooring is well known for its challenges with moisture and water. It moves to adjust to the humidity and expands when the air is moist.?

When it expands, the planks struggle to find space. This results in buckling, cupping, and crowning.?

It's easy enough to mitigate these problems. And it's certainly worth it because wood floors have an elegance, charm, and allure that can't be matched.

First, be sure to acclimate

This is an easy but necessary pre-installation step.?

For three days before installation, lie the side of the plank by side (or in opened boxes) in the room where the wood flooring will be installed.?

Remember, trees can be harvested worldwide, giving your hardwood flooring a chance to adjust to its new home.?

No excessive heat or air conditioning! For wood flooring, keep the temperature between 60-80 degrees F and humidity levels at 35-50%.?

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Other things you can do

  1. Wipe spills immediately so moisture doesn't seep into the subfloor and travels easily to the surface, affecting appearance and longevity.??

Make sure the mop is damp, not dripping. When polishing your hardwood floors in Jackson, MI, wipe dry with a clean cloth to avoid seepage.?

  1. Put mats at all entrances. This is so people won't drag mud and water on the soles of their shoes.
  2. If yours is an outdoor pet, wipe your paws often. Get in between the toes where water and mud can hide.

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