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How to choose the best hardwood flooring for your home

You have several decisions to make when choosing hardwood flooring for your home. First, you must decide which of three options - unfinished solid hardwood, prefinished solid hardwood, or engineered wood - is best for your application and budget.?

Then, regardless of which one you choose, you must also pick a hardwood species, stain color, and finish. Very light and dark stains or wood are trendy now, and you can find these popular hardwood flooring styles and much more at Christoff and Sons Floorcovering.?

Adaptable flooring

Engineered wood tolerates moisture, and edges of planks click and lock together so a floating floor can be constructed. Because of these two factors, engineered wood floors are installed in more spaces in your home than solid wood.?

Engineered floors are an excellent option for basements or installation over an existing hard surface floor.?

The same look

Engineered wood floors, with their multiple layers, are different from solid wood, but their appearance in your home is the same. That's because a hardwood surface layer is situated above a plywood base layer.?

Choose a high-quality brand, and the surface layer will be thick enough to refinish the floor once if needed.?

The most durable wood floors

Solid hardwood planks last many decades, regardless of whether unfinished or prefinished planks are installed. Solid hardwood flooring is always nailed to a wood subfloor, and it can always be refinished numerous times.?

Floors constructed with unfinished planks have a flush look, while prefinished plank floors have a beveled look.

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