Enjoy beautiful color variations in luxury vinyl flooring

Enjoy beautiful color variations in luxury vinyl flooring

There are lots of 'pluses' and no 'minuses' when you opt for luxury vinyl flooring, a durable floor covering that resists stains and scratches. You'll see waterproof planks that look like wood and tiles that look like wood or tile materials.

Christoff and Sons Floorcovering has the best LVP flooring in Jackson, MI, with low, medium, and high color variations.


Since individual planks and tiles depict minimal color variance to extreme differences between the pieces, the variation between the three levels is striking. Typically, a high-color variation floor provides a look that blends well with a rustic decorating style.

However, homeowners who favor contemporary decor tend to be most satisfied with planks and similar color tiles.

Light vs. dark

The light in a room will affect the appearance of vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring. While a lighter floor color promotes an illusion of spaciousness, you don't want too much brightness.

Color contrast usually occurs naturally. For example, a luxury vinyl floor that mimics maple wood will have a low variation of color, while the opposite is true of a floor that imitates hickory wood.


If you want to create an elegant look and give your home a sophisticated and harmonious feel by placing the same flooring in every room, neutral-toned luxury vinyl flooring with little color difference between pieces is a great option.

On the other hand, if you prefer a visually-striking floor that becomes one of the focal points in a room, opt for luxury vinyl flooring that features a range of colors.

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