Carpet in Jackson, MI from Christoff & Sons Floorcovering

Choosing the perfect flooring for your Jackson home

It?s so exciting to plan new floors, but the selection process is more involved than just finding the best-looking product--although, admittedly, that?s the fun part.

Several factors, such as lifestyle (i.e., kids and pets), moisture, durability, costs, and budget, play a significant role in your decision. Here are four things to think about even before you start shopping at our flooring company to help you make the best decision.

Crunching the numbers

This should be the first thing you do. Don?t think only in terms of product, but look at it in its entirety, considering things like carpet padding, underlayments, installation, etc. Our team is standing by to prepare a flooring estimate.

Discover your style

Do you gravitate toward wood grains or carpet softness, or the sleekness and sophistication of tile, or the luxuriousness of marble? Do you like big, bold colors or earthy neutrals? Or, will your decision be mainly financially driven, such as getting the most value for your decorating dollar? While you're at it, think about your overall decorating style. The answers will help you narrow it down because you'll have a lot of choices when you visit our flooring store in Jackson, MI.

Do you have unique flooring needs?

Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, extra stain resistance and durability, etc., will be important considerations. Also, think about lifestyle; for instance, is your family large and active with kids and pets, or small and quiet? The two-family sizes will have very different needs.

What is the room like where you plan to install?

And how will you be using it? For instance, a living room can be the center of family activity where people play games, watch TV, eat snacks, etc., or it can be a room only used for entertaining guests.

Is it large and airy or small and cramped; that will impact your color decision. Is it hot and sunny, or do you have a somewhat cooler Northern exposure? You might need to think about your window coverings to protect the floors (and your upholstery).

At Christoff and Sons Floorcovering, consider us your one-stop source for choosing flooring products, need a quality installation, carpet cleaning, wood refinishing, or a free quote. Our showroom is in Jackson, MI, and we work with homeowners and businesses around Jackson, Chelsea, Albion, Adrian, and Hillsdale.