Garage After 2

The Custom Flooring Decision That Covers It All

Christoff and Sons Floor Covering is now offering TechFloor™  from WeatherTech.  Transform your garage from ordinary to extraordinary with this great tech flooring.  Highly durable, waterproof and stylish. Easy do it yourself or we offer professional installation.  Prices range from $1.99-$3.99 ft plus installation.
With Michigan’s harsh winters, TechFloor™ is the perfect solution for your garage floor.  But there are countless uses for this revolutionary product.  TechFloor™ is the first modular, fully customizable flooring solution for everyone, everywhere.  TechFloor™ is a completely customizable floor that fits anywhere, in any color,for anything – from garage floors to playrooms and everything in between.
In these photos, see how TechFloor™  transforms a messy, cluttered garage.  TechFloor™ comes in many colors, sizes and configurations that will be perfect for your next project.  Enjoy special savings by using our coupon here.  Stop in or learn more at