When is the Best Time of Year to Shop for Carpet?

We're often asked, When is the best time of year to buy carpet? The answer to the questions really depends on your own goals and timeline. There are good reasons to buy all throughout the year, but we think spring has many advantages over the other seasons.

Spring is the best time of the year to shop for new carpet if you like the latest, newest styles that are hot off the press. If you are a trendsetter and like to have the newest styles and designs as soon as they become available, then spring is the season for you!

Our manufacturers introduce new products throughout the year, but spring is definitely the season with the most new product introductions. That's because our industry's trade show, The International Surface Event, is held in January in Las Vegas. At that time, Mohawk and other manufacturers showcase the new products they are rolling out. And it is that time when Christoff & Sons Floor Covering gets to choose samples we will be able to stock in the spring.

This year we are very excited about all the new flooring products we are now able to offer. Great new colors, patterns and styles are now in our massive showroom. The selection is at its greatest right now.

But the best reason to shop for carpet in the spring is price! During the Mohawk Love Your Floor event, we are offering great savings on many of our products. Now you can save up to $500 off your purchase or 50% off select styles.

But hurry in, the Love Your Floor event ends on May 23rd. This year, spring is the best season to buy at Christoff and Sons Floor Covering!