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Curious about nylon and polyester carpeting?

Nylon and polyester are two fibers that are used to create carpet flooring. Matte colors are the norm for nylon carpets. In contrast, you're likely to find polyester carpeting that is vibrantly colored when you're comparing styles. Read along or visit us to learn more.?


Christoff and Sons Floor Covering is a carpet store in Jackson, MI that provides a wide variety of carpeting in the latest styles. Many of these brands are made of nylon or polyester. The texture of nylon and polyester is also different. Polyester tends to be a softer fiber than nylon.?

Cost of nylon and polyester carpet

Nylon carpeting is the most expensive synthetic fiber to produce. Therefore, it is usually more costly than comparable carpeting made of other fibers. In addition, some polyester carpeting is made of recycled beverage bottles, further lowering production costs.?


Keep in mind that nylon is the most durable carpet fiber. It is ideal for high traffic areas in the home, whereas polyester carpeting is most appropriate for spaces where there is less activity, such as a bedroom.


When you view the Christoff and Sons Floor Covering online catalog, you find both nylon and polyester carpet brands labeled 'solution-dyed.' The color is part of the fiber with this method of carpet dyeing.?

Resistance to fading and stains

With other methods, color is added after the fiber has been produced. Because the color is locked into the fibers, solution-dyed carpet brands are more resistant to fading. Stain resistance is increased, too. You can even remove red wine and coffee from the fibers.

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